Ancient Mariner Tackle & The Liberty Fishing Company

In 1992, Joe Bielawski, AKA The Ancient Mariner, created Ancient Mariner Tackle (AMT). AMT has served its customers for many years as an offshore, big-game trolling lure company. In 2018, Joe decided to focus on bottom-fishing and providing customized tips and trolling plans. To that end, he handed over the trolling lure portion of the business to his son, Tom Bielawski, and daughter-in-law, Christie Bielawski. Tom’s company is called The Liberty Fishing Company (LFC) while AMT will retain its original identity.

 The Liberty Fishing Company (LFC) will strive to provide the same trusted products AMT customers have come to rely on. We want to expand our product lines, keep prices competitive without compromising quality, and to continue to provide excellent customer service. The Ancient Mariner, Joe Bielawski will still be around to provide advice and assist customers with questions. He is hoping to have more time for travelling with his lovely wife and of course, doing more fishing. We do hope that we can convince him to write another book or two!, will continue providing the same quality trolling products that you are familiar with. We’re also going to introduce some new products we think everyone will find helpful in their quest to catch big fish. If you want quality bottom-fishing lures, customized fishing advice, or customized trolling plans, please check out the Ancient Mariner’s new site: or email Joe here:


Veterans and Patriots

Joe Bielawski is a veteran of the United States Navy, and Tom is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Tom also served as a state law enforcement officer for nearly 20 years. Veteran owned and operated, both companies are proudly patriotic and are dedicated to those who dedicate their lives to keeping our country safe and free. We honor ALL current and former military as well as public safety personnel with special discounts. Drop us a line for more info: LibertyFishing@LFC.Fish


Quality Control and American Assembly

While its very hard to avoid using products that come from China, we at The Liberty Fishing Company assemble our lures proudly and meticulously in the USA. We take great care to inspect our components for flaws before we assemble our lures.

Our hook lures are rigged with quality line, stiff-rigged with hook protectors and inline beads, and our hooks are powder-coated to match the hook lure. Our daisy chains are painstakingly assembled with an inner and an outer squid, color-coordinated to match the hook lure. Each teaser squid on the daisy chain has its own weight and bead to control its action in the water.