Good book, a lot of useful information. Customer: G. Honeycutt


This book was great to get me back into sport fishing. I even purchased a paper back to keep on the boat and have purchased lures from Joseph aka the (Ancient Mariner) to use along with a custom trolling plan Joseph provided me. I could not ask for a better experience. Customer: N. Armand


It contains lots of knowledge that would take years to learn on your own. Take the time to read it carefully. Amazon customer


Gift for the fisherman who thinks he knows it all. A few years ago I purchased a trolling bird from the Ancient Mariner, and this year all my dad wanted was another top trolling bird from this gent. But I decided to get him this book as well. Turns out he doesn’t know all about trolling. He even said that as soon as the chop is down we’ll heard out to try some of these new techniques. FYI the top trolling bird will catch fish even if you don’t know the right way to troll, it’s a wonderful lure. Customer: Keri


The “Ancient Mariner” gives an in depth look into the ins and outs of offshore trolling. His methods make sense and they work! This is a must for anyone that trolls offshore. Customer: C. Voss


Awesome Book! Incredible tips to improve success. Customer: J. Szymanski


Great book! Customer: Steve M.


Very knowledgeable. Customer: P. Sikinger

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I’ve been fishing 15 times in the last year, and caught either an ono, mahi, or ahi 13 times out of 15 on this plug. That’s a good lure! Run it long gone down the center of your spread. It’s the best lure ever. All sorts of species will hit this. Even after it gets beat up from teeth it still hits…

Customer: A. Huey used a 6-inch Blue and White Trolling Plug


Wow is right !!! I live in Cabo Mexico but Im from Florida and I ordered only 1 and my son brought it on the plane for Xmas. We put it out with 6 other lures and it out caught the others 3 to 1. We have used it 3 days in a row and the Mahi love it..Great bait, oedering more for sure..
Customer: Rick in Cabo Mexico using a Mahi Magician review image



This thing out catches anything I have, tuna and wahoo can’t seem to get enough. Great quality/attention to detail in the rigging. Thanks

Customer: J. Taylor using the Holo Flyer



Sunday 1/3/16….went 3 for 3 on Wahoo off Charleston….there were 5 others high speeding all around us and we were the only ones to put Wahoo in the boat!…..they hit this color and the blue / white one on the way-way back….nothing on the trolling weights up close.
All 3 were 40#-45#……jigged up a limit of triggers on the way in…so nice when you don’t need bait.

Customer: S. George using the Lemon/Lime and Blue/White Trolling Machines review image



I purchased this lure as a gift for my dad. Well let me just tell you what a hit it was. We went fishing in Florida on the Gulf side out of Venice, and caught 6 king mackerels a mile off shore. On a side note this lure is like a tiny skier gliding behind the boat, we almost lost it when a pelican spotted it and decided it looked like food. It was rather entertaining to watch him dive at the then realize it wasn’t a fish.
Update: Nov 2015
We have trolled many times with this lure and caught numerous barracuda, amberjack, King mackerels, Spanish mackerels, and one goliath grouper (a lot of fun to reel in before setting him loose) I’m buying a second lure because my dad loves this one so much. In the picture you see a 44″ barracuda, and in the background is this wonderful lure.

Customer: Keri using the Black T’zer Bird       review image



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