The Liberty Fishing Company was an idea that took root in the town of Liberty, South Carolina. South Carolina is, and always has been, an independent-minded state with people who are very proud of their heritage and adamantly opposed to oppressive government. It established its own constitution in 1776, and it was the second state to ratify the Articles of Confederation in 1777. It was also the first state to secede from Union in 1860.

The Liberty Fishing Company proudly chose the Moultrie Flag as it the foundation of its logo. The Moultrie Flag is named for General William Moultrie who was responsible for the Capture of Fort Johnson on James Island, near Charleston Harbor. The Americans wanted to hoist a flag to show British warships that the fort was now ours. Since there was no official United States flag, or a South Carolina state flag, Moultrie designed his own. Moultrie chose a blue field with a white crescent, upon which the word “Liberty” was emblazoned, as his flag. This became known as the Liberty Flag. The white crescent is a contested topic; some people think the crescent is supposed to be a crescent moon while others believe it is a gorget, a kind of armor that one used to protect their throat and upper chest area.

The Liberty Fishing Company is firmly in the gorget camp, and we don’t care whose feelings are hurt over that. Take that, moonies!

With the addition of a palmetto tree, the Moultrie Flag became the South Carolina state flag:

and a variation of the Moultrie Flag is the flag of the town of Liberty, South Carolina where the idea for our company was born.

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