The ‘Assault Squad’ is an 18-inch highly flexible spreader bar with 3 lines. Each line begins with a double skirted teaser bird and followed by two, 4.5-inch double skirted squids.
The 3 teaser birds create noise and splashing which attracts predator fish. The bar flexes in and out making all the squids seem to breath as they move naturally like a real bait pod. The middle line ends with a snap swivel which allows you to easily switch out hook lures. A contrasting hook lure* stiff rigged with beads and a coordinating 8/0 hook is included. The entire hook lure is larger than the squids and in a different color, making it appear to be a larger bait fish chasing the pod.

A nylon lure bag for easy and safe storage is included. Give it a try, it works!!
*Hook lures may vary.

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