6-Inch Blue and White Holographic Trolling Plug – *CHOOSE YOUR RIGGING*


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**Now with 10/0 MUSTAD Needle Eye hook!**

**Choose your rigging!**

The 6-inch Blue and White Holographic Trolling Cedar Plug is a proven staple of big game fishing. It’s a wooden plug with a weighted nose, painted to resemble common prey fish. This cedar plug is blue and white with holographic, reflective mylar and reflective eyes.

Classic Rigged plug comes on an 8-foot, 150lb test leader, complete with a three-squid daisy chain. Our daisy chains are crafted with three quality, 4.75-inch double-skirted teaser squids to match the hook lure. Each double-skirted teaser squid is weighted and has a small bead in its nose.

Detachable rigging helps you choose how to best fish the conditions. Heavy duty, 2/0 (225lb test), Rosco swivels and Coastlock snap swivels, let you change out hook lures and daisy chains fast.

Detachable Mono rigging includes the cedar plug rigged on a 3-foot, 150lb test leader. Daisy chain included. Detachable Wire rigging includes the cedar plug rigged on a 3-foot, 275lb test, 49 strand, coated wire leader to fight lure-stealing predators! Daisy chain included.

The 10/0 Mustad Needle Eye is a serious hook with several advantages over standard cedar plug hooks. The Needle Eye is strong and light, and it has thicker shank. It has a wider gap, a bigger and sturdier barb, and it has a wider eye. Mustad’s MTLV1 hook point is sharper and reduces penetration resistance by 50% yielding better hook sets. Finally, the Needle Eye has a Duratin coating to maximum corrosion resistance.

The Liberty Fishing Company assembles lures with quality and care in the USA.

For detailed tips and tricks, check out the Ancient Mariner’s book – I Shouldn’t Tell You This: Trolling Tips the Pros Don’t Want You to Know – by Joe Bielawski, available in paperback and Kindle Edition.

Veteran owned. Veteran operated. Fiercely patriotic. The Liberty Fishing Company “Because Fishing Is Freedom!”

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Black-coated Stainless Steel Wire, Classic Rig, Detachable Rig with 150-lb Monofilament


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