Hex Head, Yellow Firetiger


  • A classic designed six-sided chrome head trolling lure
  • 8-foot, 150lb test leader with three, 4.5-inch yellow and pink double-skirted and weighted teasers
  • Lure comes with an 8/0 painted yellow hook, stiff-rigged with inline beads and a hook protector, and a mylar underskirt for extra flash

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 The Yellow Firetiger Hex Head comes with a durable, double-layered, skirt and is rigged with a daisy chain. The outer skirt is yellow with orange spots, and the underskirt is white with reflective mylar for extra flash. The Hex Head’s unique shape and action imitates injured prey fish. 

Our 8/0 hooks are painted and stiff-rigged with red, inline beads and a hook protector. Our daisy chains are crafted with three quality, 4.5-inch double-skirted teaser squids to match the hook lure, and each one is weighted and has a small bead in its nose. The daisy chain comes on an 8-foot, 150lb-test leader in front of the Hex Head. 
Assembled with quality and care in the USA.
For detailed tips and tricks, check out the Ancient Mariner’s book:
I Shouldn’t Tell You This: Trolling Tips the Pros Don’t Want You to Know, by Joe Bielawski, available in paperback and Kindle Edition.
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